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Strategy & Community for Ambitious Women in Podcasting Ready to Make the F*cking Thing HAPPEN

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Build A Mighty Empire With Your Podcast


Strategy & Community for Ambitious Women in Podcasting Ready to Make the F*cking Thing HAPPEN

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With Joanne Bolt

Host of The B-Word Podcast, Rated Top 1.5% Globally 


Your Podcast Should Be Making You Money 365 Days A Year

But despite growing steadily for a while now (*phew*), it’s obvious:

Your current game plan isn’t enough to grow a Renowned show 

 You’re ready to reap the benefits of using your podcast to its full marketing potential – bringing consistent leads + sales into your business.

 You’re ready to uplevel your episodes and become an influential, leading voice in your industry.

You've got 'Top 1.5%' on your vision board and you're just missing the path to get there.

And you’re ready to dramatically build up your listener base

Girlfriend, a few years ago I was right where you are.

 But I’ll tell you from the heart…

With the right toolbox & support

Your Show can be a profitable business in and of itself. 

This Is Me! I Want In!

I'm Joanne Bolt.

Podcast(H)er Founder and CEO

I'm also the host of the Top 1.5% B-Word Podcast, & Snarky Southern Girl

Setting goals so huge they make you weak in the knees? I’m here to help you smash them and unapologetically chase after your bold dreams. 

When I launched my podcast, I had an “I’m making this work” visionbut zero idea how to get there. As I worked tirelessly to scale to top 1.5% worldwide and sell out a 100+ in-person event, I discovered a simple truth ⬇️


A podcast creates revenue in your business.  FROM DAY 1...

...and that's exactly what we teach inside The Studio

Tell Me More About The Studio

You only need two things to become the leading voice in your industry & build a million dollar empire:

An Irresistable Offer, tailored to *YOUR* ideal client

Yeah girl.  We went there.  Niche it down!


A Rock Solid Audience Growth Tool

That works on autopilot for you, even while you sleep

Get ready for a pod party, because inside the Podcast(H)er Network you’ll find support for creating BOTH! 💃

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Looking for some inspo to Binge? 🎧

The Podcast(H)er Network has you covered. 

Did you know that Joanne tried for over a YEAR to be accepted into networks like Growthday, Hubspot, and Yap Media?

Yup.  It happened.  Here's the thing.  I believe to my core that female podcast hosts can create huge empires and multi-faceted businesses.  Even without a small audience.  That's why in addition to the Studio, I created The Network. 

Browse Network favorite up-and-coming podcasts that are full of zest, passion, and raw B-rilliance.

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