Press Record™️ - The Playbook to Starting a Podcast 🎙️

Launch Your Podcast

 With me, 

Joanne Bolt,

Host of the B-Word Podcast,

Ranked Top 1.5% Worldwide

(Humble Brag Acknowledged!😉)

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Press Record™️ - The Playbook to Starting a Podcast 🎙️


Launch a  Profitable  Podcast

Just Like I Did!


With me, Joanne Bolt, Host of the B-Word Podcast,

Ranked Top 1.5% Worldwide

(Humble Brag Acknowledged!😉)

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You’re Staring at Your Laptop, New Mic in Hand, Wondering


 (My literal words a few years ago ^)


You're buzzing with ideas but stuck on the execution. 

But you've seen others:

  • Raking in serious cash from their podcasts
  • Turning listeners into loyal customers
  • Forging meaningful connections with awe-inspiring individuals

and most importantly…
Broadcasting their unique insights to the world.

And now you're itching to claim your spot in the podcast universe.



Diving into content creation, wrestling with episode scripts, untangling the mystery of hosting platforms, perfecting that crystal-clear sound, and cherry-picking guests that resonate...

Leaves you swamped with doubts. 🤷‍♀️

Oh, I've walked a mile in those shoes, experienced the highs and the learning curves, and collected quite the stack of 'lessons learned' along the way.

Hold My Wine 🍷 As We Dive Into...

Press Record™️ 🎙️


This course is designed to catapult you into the podcasting world, enabling you to launch your very own podcast that stands out.

Get ready to:

  • Revel in the life you've always wanted, full of passion and purpose.
  • Cultivate an unparalleled audience, eager for every word you share.
Launch My Podcast with Jo!

Join me and get that pod off your vision board and onto the charts!

Go from dreamer to doer in just 6 weeks 🌟


01 Planning Your Podcast 

Dive deep into podcasting basics, define who you're talking to (your avatar), and choose your tools for a solid start.

Nail your foundations!

02 Defining Your Content

Spot your perfect content niche, strategize your episode lineup, and craft a winning action plan for your podcast episodes to delight and captivate your target audience. 

03 Structuring Your Episodes

Master the blueprint of compelling scripts and engaging formats that resonate with listeners, episode after episode.

04 Recording Your Episodes

Unlock secrets to pristine audio, solo episode finesse, SEO smarts, and smooth production flow.

05 Pro-Secrets To Interviews

Learn to pick and manage guests like a pro, creating memorable episodes and leverage every conversation.

06 Create Show Notes Like a Baddie

Discover my formula for irresistible show notes that pull listeners in and keep them coming back for more.

07 Launching Your New Podcast!

Your launchpad is ready! Plan your big debut, navigate the podcast directories, and understand the metrics that matter.

08 Monetizing!

Explore the universe of podcast monetization beyond ads. I'll spill the secrets to turn your passion into profit in creative ways.

Pour Me A Glass! I'm So In!


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Press Record™️ - The Playbook to Starting a Podcast


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  • Eight expert modules full of podcasting gold
  • Tools, resources, and templates
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From the Host of the Top-Rated B-Word Podcast

(holy cow!  I can't believe I get to say that!)

And I’ve Been Exactly Where You Are 

Seriously, can you believe it? From podcasting newbie to hosting a top 1.5% global podcast, I've lived the rollercoaster. And yeah, I faced rejection, dove deep into the learning pit, and came out stronger on the other side. My podcasting journey began with more questions than answers and a determination that turned every 'no' into a stepping stone to success.

Press Record™️: Your Game-Changer
I built Press Record™️ to be what I desperately needed back then: a beacon through the fog of podcasting misinformation. It's packed with fresh, actionable insights from someone who's actually in the trenches with you. I've distilled everything I've learned (the hard way, so you don't have to) into this course. It's designed to simplify your journey, save you time, and empower you to launch a podcast that resonates and rewards.

So, ready to dive in without breaking a sweat? Let’s make your podcasting dreams come alive! 

It's so easy, it's hard, and I'm all about breaking it down for ya so that you never break a sweat!

Ok Jo I'm In! Let's Do The Damn Thing!
I'm Ready!