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You've Heard Of Podcast Networks Because All Your Favorite Hosts Are In Them (and it's piqued your curiosity)....So Why Aren't You?




You've poured your heart, soul, and not to mention, a LOT of money into your podcast.
Upgraded your mic (hello, crisp sound!), nailed social media marketing, and polished your content till it shines...


Yet your downloads have

still barely

increased past last year’s goals..

 Feeling like you're just whispering into the void? Wondering if it's just your inner circle tuning in?

Let's put an end to that. 

Pour yourself a glass of wine and let's talk about building a profitable business: one that attracts clients who are ready, willing, and able to buy from you + makes money every day 

"Chase sponsorships," they said.

"Build a massive team," they whispered.

But, girlfriend to girlfriend, the one thing you’re not being told is 🔽

The Podcasting Industry Is Broken


(Yep.  I went there)

In order to be recognized in the top have to have a huge following. get that following you need people to know about you. (Which would happen if you were a chart topper...)

The industry helps the big names and ignores the up-and-coming ones like you and I.

I know first hand what it feels like to be doing "all the things" + working so hard with NO RESULTS.  

Feeling like my podcast was falling on deaf ears and wondering if I just needed to stop recording and stick to social media as the top of my marketing funnel. 

It's exhausting....and unfortunately it's where I find my podcasters get stuck.

You feeling this? 😜

Hold My Wine, I'm About To Shatter Your Podcasting Myths 😉

ou've been fed lies...


Here’s the truth straight from the vineyard: Reviews aren't what grow your audience. 

 Ready for the real deal? You can have all the reviews in the world and not see a single increase in downloads. BUT if a friend tells their friend about your show, boom—download increase. 

Why? Because your podcast is the ultimate relationship builder. Your listeners become your friends, and friends share with friends. 

That's why your podcast is not just a show. It's your powerhouse marketing officer, pulling in leads, building your brand, and making money while you're sipping on that Cabernet Sauvignon.

→ Your Podcast is your built in chief marketing officer...building referrals every 👏 damn 👏 day 👏


(I said what I said!) 

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Cultivating the Right Strategy Opens the Door for You to…

Rise from an ambitious newcomer to the leading voice in your industry

Monetize your podcast while attracting a raving, expanding audience

Turn your little ol’ pod into a profitable business driver with endless possibilities


I want you to create the biz you've dreamed of step by awesome step. You Ready?

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You Should Be Making Money 365 Days A Year

Your Three-Part  Playbook to Reaching a New Level of Success

(And hit your f*cking Pod goals!)


You're going to




Visibility Like Never Before

Forget mentions. You need powerful referrals that make listeners flock to you.


Business Enhancement

Every episode is a revenue opportunity. Imagine a network amplifying your reach and funneling audiences to your offers.


Become The Brand

Launch your biggest offer yet with a network dedicated to promoting you.

The effect?  Be omnipresent. Be irresistible.





🥳 The first and only podcast network dedicated to helping ambitious women in podcasting:

Fast-Track Their Audience Growth…

With a clear-cut master plan to profitability

…and treat your podcast like the business it f*cking is

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The reason a podcast network exists is for growth, and monetization.  Unlike other networks where you as the host are contractually obligated to read scripts promoting podcasts you've never met (helllooooo time sucker!), or cheesy sponsor ads to products you've NEVER use (that's why they only accept podcasts with large audiences) we take a different approach. 


We take it beyond the status quo.  The reason you're craving growth is because you need a little help.  (keep nodding your head.  We see you over there)

Let's Do The Damn Thing! 💃🏻

Marketing Promotions

Curated done for you promotions from network hosts refering YOU to their audience, to increase the subscribers of your podcast, increase awareness of your evergreen offers, and provide an omnipresent drive toward your biggest launches ever.


Hot Seat Coaching

Weekly coaching from Joanne + Team Podcast(H)er. Bring your  questions, a glass of wine, and have a seat at the table. It's where CEO's are made

Value: $20,997

Biz Building Masterclasses

6 new masterclasses a year led by Industry bad-asses like Juliet Tripp & GutPersonal to name a few; plus a vault full of Network host led classes. (Helloooo extra visibility on YOU)


Value: $13,997

Highly Engaged Community

of other women building profitable businesses with a podcasting as the top of their  marketing funnel. 


Value: $997

Templates and Swipe Files

Value: $647

Limited Edition Podcast(H)er Box w/Exclusive Merch

Value: $97

Exclusive invite to a Podcast(H)er On-Site Retreat to excel both your business, and your podcast simultaneously


  • Monthly perks unlocked to scale your audience (Value $ Priceless) 
  • Discounts on software, services, and products (Value: Priceless)
  • 3-Step Proven Process To Scaling both your audience and your revenue.
  • Exclusive invite to a Podcast(H)er On-Site Retreat to excel both your business, and your podcast simultaneously.
  • Megaphone Hosting Platform Paid for you ( Value: $1,164) 😜

Total Value: $37,899

Join Right Now: $4997 annually

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A Growing Community for Podcasts on the Cusp of Something Big

The Podcast(H)er Network is purely focused on helping women (plus our non-binary friends!) who have established podcasts and have gained consistency, but are hitting (or ready to avoid) a podcasting plateau and want the strategic guidance + support to make this their primary marketing channel.

Join me for a quick Podcast Interview?

Answer these to see if you’ll fit right in…

  • Are you a female podcaster with BIG GOALS - I’m talking about being a leading voice in your industry or hitting top podcast charts globally 🙌?
  • Do you consistently drop episodes but still aren’t seeing as much growth as you’d like?
  • Do you want to monetize your podcast in ways that feel good for YOU?
  • How about wanting to collaborate with like-minded women and market the sh*t out of your podcast & business?
  • Are you tired of Googling “How to grow my Podcast reach?” (same girl. same!)
It's Like You're Reading My Mind! I'm Ready!

And who will be linking arms alongside you?

Me! I'm Joanne Bolt


I know firsthand that you don’t have to fit the mold to grow. After launching my podcast, I was sure that the key to success + profitability was getting as many sponsorships as possible and joining a large podcast network. Oh yeah.  And posting relentlessly on social media.  


I knew that scaling my business would be so much faster if other top podcasting hosts would just refer me out.  I spent 1.5 years applying to Networks that pay big-time hosts to join them and push their agendas.

Only to be rejected because I didn't have 100,000 downloads per month.

After so many rejections, I didn’t stop chasing my dreams and instead figured out an organic, authentic strategy to scale my podcast to sit in the top 1.5% worldwide and sell out a 100+ in-person event from it - all while staying true to myself. 

Meanwhile I
  • Achieved 100,000 downloads with 3k followers
  • Founded Podcast(H)er®- supporting female podcasters to build empires.
  • Created the Podcast(H)er Network®- fueling the growth and monetization of network podcasts.
  • Built a seven-figure business as a podcaster, speaker, educator, and virtual business coach.  

Now, I help other ambitious women build their business and run it from behind their microphones, too. 

 I’ll help you link arms with a strong network of like-minded podcast(H)ers and attract a raving, expanding audience with a storytelling-rich strategy. 


Let’s get f*cking started, bestie.

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Say Less!  I'm In!!

Oh Yes!  These are my people!

Add My Podcast To The Network

Your Podcast deserves a home to call its own.  Here's what You'll Get Access To When You Move into Our Home for the next year

Let's Do The Damn Thing! 💃🏻

Network Cross-Promotions

Curated cross-promotions to promote the visibility of your podcast, awareness toward your evergreen offers, and an omnipresent drive toward your biggest launches ever.


Biz Building Masterclasses

6 new masterclasses a year led by Industry bad-asses plus a vault full of Network Podcast-led classes. 


Value: $14,997

Highly Engaged Community

of other women building profitable businesses with podcasting as a marketing funnel. 


Value: $997

Hot Seat Coaching

Weekly coaching from Joanne + Team Podcast(H)er. Bring your questions and a glass of wine, and have a seat at the table. It's where CEOs are made

Value: $21,997


  • Monthly perks unlocked to grow the profitability of your business (Value $ Priceless) 
  • Discounts on software, services, and products (Value: Priceless)
  • Templates and swipe files (Value $647)
  • Limited Edition Podcast(H)er Box w/Exclusive Merch (Value $97)
  • Monetization opportunities for your show (Value: Priceless)
  • Exclusive invite to a Podcast(H)er On-Site Retreat to excel both your business and your podcast simultaneously.

Total Value: $38,735

Join Right Now: $4997 annually  

*utilizing the cross-promotion portion of the network requires moving to the Megaphone Platform. Podcast(H)er assumes this cost on your behalf 😜

Sounds Like You? 

“I’m Choosing Between Joining the Network and Investing in Podcast Production.” 

Listen, I’m all about telling it how it is - 

Upgrading your tech or hiring an editing team can be good investments, but if you’ve already gained consistency + established your podcast…

…they are NOT going to help you reach new heights

They may free up your time or improve your sound quality, but they’re not going to empower you to break through the plateau and turn your podcast into a profitable business. 

→ Focusing on strategy over the logistics first allows you to grow your podcast faster, attract better monetization opportunities, and collapse the timeline to success. 

…and not to toot my own horn, but all of the above ^ is exactly what we’re best at inside Podcast(H)er. 

Pour Me A Glass! I'm In!

Let's Recap One Last Time...

As a Network Member, You'll…

💃Pursue your bold dreams with a personalized, no-bs growth strategy
💃Finally, stop wondering “Why the F is nothing working” and see your downloads on the rise!
💃Learn to Monetize your podcast in a way that’s in alignment with your brand (and without running tons of disruptive, snooze-worthy ads) 
💃Improve the quality of your podcast so you can delight your audience and attract better guests
💃Feel a true sense of belonging to a strong network of ambitious women who want to see each other rise 
💃Turn your podcast into a magnetic force that brings new leads onto your email list, opportunities to your door, and clients on your roster 
Sound about right?  Good!


Let's Kick A$$ Together. 

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Mic Drop. Let’s F*cking Get It, Girlfriend.

This is your podcast outro calling. It's Time To Join The Network