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Hey there... it's Helen here and welcome to the podcast! I'm a Sales and Strategy Coach and after 2 decades in sales, my passion is helping experienced coaches build a simple, successful business where you earn your worth, make an impact and create the incredible life you know you’re made for.
This podcast is the place to be for clear messaging techniques and gentle sales strategies. I’m going to help you clearly communicate your expertise so you attract daily attention from your perfect future clients, position you as the leader you are so you can raise your revenue potential, and make more sales by nurturing your audience into all-in, excited buyers.
Sales and messaging are the two core skills that all the 7 figure coaches you admire have mastered to get them to where they are and I’m here to help you get there too…
On this podcast, I’m helping you with my expertise in sales, messaging and strategy plus I love to interview a variety of guests who bring so much of their own specialist experience, that I know you’ll find so valuable and fascinating.
In real life, I work and travel abroad as much as possible with my husband and two gorgeous boys. Other things I’m obsessed with include fitness, the US, amazing food (give me a great pizza any day please), Selling Sunset (and all that Cali-based trash TV), red wine and living life to the very fullest! I know I’m a very lucky girl…
I’m so glad to have you here…Let’s go!

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