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6 Free Videos For Helping You Get Your Podcast Off Your Vision Board & Into The Earbuds Of Your Eagerly-Awaiting Listeners


Start Your Damn Podcast 


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In the Start Your Damn Podcast Video Series you'll:


Create Your Avatar

I'll walk you step-by-awesome step to nailing down all the nitty gritty details of who your ideal listener will be for your podcast.


Tackle The Tech Scare

Get the scoop on what technology you'll actually need, with your budget in mind.


Buid Your Brand

Lean into the visual aspect of your podcast by uncovering what colors, fonts, title, and yes coverart you'll need to create


Edit & Record

The concept of editing and recording isn't as hard as you think.  I'll get you started on the process!



Submit your podcast to all the major directories like Apple, Goodpods, Spotify and more

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You + Start Your Damn Podcast Free Video Series = everything you need to get started!

Maybe you've thought : "But I don't know where to start" 

Or maybe it felt overwhelming.

Either way, the name of this free series literally says it all my friend.  It's time to Start Your Damn Podcast!

How Would It Feel To...

  • Finally have a top of funnel piece to your business?
  • Realize that you...yes YOU have a message that needs to be shared with the world?
  • Unlock endless potential in your business...all from your home while sitting in your yoga pants and fuzzy slippers?
Start The Video Series Now!

Hey There!  I'm Joanne

My friends call me Jo 😉


I'm a Podcaster, Keynote Speaker, Online Marketer, and Wine Snob!

I'm a snarky southern momma who started a podcast on a whim, and accidentally turned it into a 6 figure business. 

While never selling a sponsorship ad.   

Why?  Because I quickly realized how to leverage a podcast into an insane relationship forming, credibility building tool.  

i'm here with a mission to show you how to do it too!

 If your podcast isn't the center of your marketing team, it's time to put it there my friend🎙️

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