We Don't Mean To Rush You....But Your Female Focused Audience Awaits.

Boost your brand by tapping into micro-influencer podcasts.  With cross-channel exposure, engaged audiences, and a curated experience-say buh-bye to old school host-read, expensive ads, and helllloooo to much better results.  

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Let's not waste it, 'kay?

Host-read ads are....well let's just call it what it is.  

A commercial.

When's the last time you watched a commercial (sans the Super Bowl)?  Can't remember?  US EITHER.

'cue the modern sponsor ad...a full 30 minute episode where we dive deep into the storytelling of your brand, you, and the offer you've got to sell. 

Record it once.....hear it go out to as many of our shows as you select....in the time frame you need it to be aired for maximum omnipresent exposure to your ideal audiences. 

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